Kutty Story|குட்டி கதை | Story By a Kid-Part-1


The Future Island

One day the future island was having one function ,so the king said that everyone should decorate your houses and all the places in island, but one thing the king said that you should take care of our island because the large monster will come to our island, so please take care he said. Monster ? The people asked to king ,yes he replied. There are five days for the function in future island. There are five friends Wilson,mary,elizabeth,jack & john . They was interested in adventures, so they planned to know about the monster & find where it is located. So The first day Wilson and his friends went to fairy cave . In the cave there is no light and it is very dark. When they moved into cave there came a horror sound from right side of the cave, so the friends moved to right side of the cave there stands a big monster in front of them. The friends was running out when they see the monster. When the other four ran ,Wilson one of the five was standing and punching the monster. When the friends saw Wilson they also joined with him and started punching , so the monster died and fell down. Then they returned to future island very safely . The king called them and gave gifts to the Wilson & friends. The king spoke about the five friends, He said they killed the monster because they are united and did not panic & the king said that they are the heroes of future island and the people also congratulated them…

Moral of the story: if we are united and not panicked we can win anything

Story by : T.Pranav Murugesh(Student:IV STD)

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